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What To Look For When Buying Lobster Tails
Cooking a whole lobster can be an ordeal, but it certainly makes for impressive and delicious results. However, a simple lobster tail offers plenty of luscious meat for less work, and can be butter-poached, grilled, or roasted; still, before you think about your cooking method, you need to decide if you'll buy fresh or frozen lobster.
While fresh seafood is usually best, frozen lobster is just as good, since most lobster tails are flash-frozen right after being caught. Even lobster tails sold as "fresh" may have been previously frozen, so there's no need to stress over using the frozen stuff, which can be easily thawed in the refrigerator or cold water.
Also, try and buy one lobster tail for each person you'll serve. An easy and delicious cooking method for the tails is to cut through the center of the underside of the shells using kitchen sears, press compound butter into the openings, wrap the tails in foil, and bake them at 350 F until they reach a 140 F internal temperature.