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What To Do If Your Cake Won’t Come Out Of The Bundt Pan
With a moist texture and decadent glaze, Bundt cakes are a delectable treat, but they’re a bit tricky to make. Chefs must choose the proper shape and size for their Bundt pan, but the most frustrating issue might just be when a freshly baked Bundt cake won’t come out of the pan. To free your cake without damaging it, try this simple trick.
Contrary to what you might assume, the best way to get your Bundt cake out of the pan is to smack it. If your cake has already cooled properly, turning your cake over and hitting the bottom of the pan is an effective way to help it slide out. To try it, put down a dish towel for your cake to land on, and hit your pan with just enough force to make the cake come out.
If this doesn’t work, you can leave the cake upside down on the dishtowel and it will eventually slide its way out. Some Bundt cakes, like those with thicker batters and add-ins like fruit, are prone to getting stuck. To avoid a stuck cake you can try coating your pan in a mixture of oil, flour, and shortening, or opt for a simple coating of butter and flour.