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What To Consider When Selecting A Pot For Making Soup
Premier cookware manufacturer Le Creuset points out the importance of a good soup pot. Aside from making soups and stocks, a soup pot can cook pasta, make sauces, preserve fruits into jams or conserves, and can even be used as a steamer; however, not just any pot can suit your specific needs, so this is how to pick the right one.
While most kitchen sets offer a six-quart soup pot, JES Restaurant Equipment recommends a 12-quart pot, which can hold more ingredients and make your soups less likely to spill over. However, you need to make sure that your kitchen can fit such a large pot before purchasing, and there are smaller options out there.
If you don’t often cook for a crowd, you may not need a pot big enough to cook five pounds of pasta, so a smaller pot is fine, so long as it's made of a durable material. Food writer J. Kenji López-Alt says a soup pot only needs to be heavy-duty enough to keep food on the bottom from burning, since it's not typically used in high-heat cooking.