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What To Consider Before Buying Food From Your Grocery Store's Hot Bar
Most of us head to the grocery store to buy fresh food to cook at home, but many markets also have "hot bars" of pre-prepared meals. Hot bars target our five senses with the enticing smells and sights of warm food, and to walk past one without indulging is a test of one’s willpower — but here's what you should really consider before giving in.
PopSugar uses Whole Foods as an example when discussing hot bar pitfalls. The grocery chain charges $8.99 per pound of food, a decent price, but with so many enticing options at the hot bar, it's too easy to overload your container with chicken, veggies, or mashed potatoes, leading to a heavy meal that costs way more than you intended.
To avoid a nasty surprise when it's time to pay up, PopSugar recommends using a small container and choosing boneless proteins, which give you more for your dollar; plus, sides like rice or veggies are easy to make at home, instead of buying. If you do want to buy a side, opt for the salad bar, since leafy greens don't weigh that much.