Clear elderflower cocktail with mint garnish
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What The Numbers On A Bottle Of St-Germain Mean
St-Germain is noted for tasting floral and effervescent thanks to the addition of elderflower liqueur, but many people wonder more about the number stamped just below the St-Germain label, which differs on every bottle. The key to uncovering its meaning lies in understanding the complicated process of making St-Germain.
Elderflower blossoms are incredibly delicate, and they only bloom for about three weeks out of the year from late May to mid-June. Because these blossoms are so fragile, they must be picked by hand, and due to their limited season and labor-intensive harvest, each season might produce only a limited number of bottles of elderflower liqueur.
Therefore, the number on each bottle indicates the "Atelier No.," the year that the flowers were harvested, as a nod to its artisanal nature and the fleeting vibrancy it captures. So, the next time you indulge in a cocktail made with St-Germain, remember that you are drinking something wholly unique and made just for you.