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What The 'H' In H Mart Actually Stands For
H Mart is known for its wide selection of Asian and Western groceries, upscale and everyday products, as well as large food halls. The brand started with humble beginnings, but now operates nearly 100 stores across the country that serve a wide array of customers, and a clue to the company’s success may be hidden in its name.
The store was founded by South Korean businessman Il Yeon Kwon in the 1980s, and its original name was “Han Ah Reum” — a Korean phrase translating to “one arm full of groceries.” An ideal place to find items to make authentic Korean meals, Han Ah Reum was an apt name for the store, and is what the “H” in H Mart stands for.
This specific appeal to Korean-Americans and broad appeal to anyone interested in Asian cuisines allowed Han Ah Reum to transform and grow into “H Mart.” Initially only on the East Coast, the company has since expanded to the West Coast, and today H Mart remains a favored spot for those looking to purchase an arm full of groceries, Korean or otherwise.