Ribs smoking on a grill
What The Color Of Smoke Indicates For Food On The Grill
When you are cooking or smoking some of your favorite foods on the barbecue grill, the color of the smoke coming from your grill can indicate a few issues.
If your grill produces a thick white or dirty smoke as your steaks and hamburgers achieve a beautiful sear, you are likely burning your food and giving it an overly smoky taste.
Thick white, fluffy, or dirty gray smoke is a result of little to no oxygen inside of your grill, which can happen when your grill doesn't have proper ventilation.
Dirty smoke will baste your food if the vents and exhaust on your grill aren’t completely open. Dirty grills can also produce dirty smoke, so make sure your grill is clean.
You only want to see smoke that is transparent or blue in color coming out of your grill. This means that you can safely assume that you’re grilling your food properly.