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What The 'BIN' Acronym Means When Purchasing Whiskey Online
If you’re interested in hunting for rare bottles of whiskey online, there are some crucial terms you need to learn. Facebook is actually a mecca for secondhand liquor sales, but since this sort of activity is now banned on the platform, whiskey sellers and buyers often avoid being shut down by using code words such as "BIN."
"Flippers," or people who buy from the primary market (liquor stores) and sell on the secondary market (Facebook), post photos of their liquor and wait for others to drop a bid or offer. However, BIN stands for "Buy It Now," and if someone comments this acronym on a flipper's post, they are effectively calling dibs on the liquor.
However, "BIN" is also commonly used as a joke; users will comment "BIN" on photos of items that are clearly not for sale, such as extremely rare bottles of whiskey and family heirlooms, or whiskeys with no resale value. If you see that someone has already commented "BIN" on a bottle, it is either unavailable or not very good.