Trader Joes storefront sign
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What The Bells At Trader Joe's Actually Mean
A quirky atmosphere, crew members in Hawaiian shirts, humorous signs throughout the store, and hidden toys in the aisles are what distinguish Trader Joe’s from other grocery stores. But it’s the bells at Trader Joe’s that stand out, and they’re rung for three very specific reasons.
The bells at Trader Joe’s act as their PA system, which is why you will never hear employees talk over a loudspeaker for requests. Per the official Trader Joe’s website, the bell acts as a Morse code for communication, and also keeps in line with the store’s overall maritime vibe.
One bell signifies that a cash register needs to be open, two bells indicate that assistance is needed for a customer, and three bells call for a manager. So, the next time you’re shopping at Trader Joe’s and hear the bell, you will know a secret that most of the other shoppers won’t.