Shots of tequila with lemon
What Tequila Brand Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
Aries are upbeat, competitive, and determined to be first in every other aspect of their lives. If they were any tequila brand, they'd be the category leader: Jose Cuervo.
Being the world's number one tequila, Jose Cuervo also gives the number one hangover, which also aligns with Aries' value of going all in, often without thinking it through.
Taurus are dependable, consistent, and enjoy the stability of routines. So, if they were any tequila brand, they'd be the one that can be found anywhere, even Costco.
Kirkland Signature is sold exclusively at Costco and can be easily purchased during the Taurus's planned grocery trips. Rest assured, it'll be there when they need it.
Gemini has the reputation of being two-faced, which is why the sign can get quite controversial, and no other tequila brand is quite as controversial as Kendal Jenner's 818.
818 has been accused of cultural appropriation following its launch in 2020, but despite all the drama, it has stood out as a successful tequila brand, garnering 22 tasting awards.
Since Cancers are emotional underneath their hard shells, they are also attached to history and tradition. They'd certainly be a tequila brand with family history, like Lalo.
A product of Eduardo González Jr., the grandson of Don Julio González, who has created one of the biggest tequila brands, Lalo perfectly balances the modern with the traditional.
Ruled by the Sun, Leos live their day to the fullest and are always ready to celebrate, so they'd have to be a tequila brand that can match this personality, like Casa Del Sol.
Deep down, Leos think they're celebrities, so it's fitting that they'd be this celebrity-endorsed brand that matches their sunny nature. "Sol" even means "sun" in Spanish.