A Variety of Sea Salt Including Fine Salt, Kosher Salt, Coarse Salt, Flake Salt in Bowls on Light Blue Background Directly Above View.
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What Sets Sel Gris Apart From Regular Sea Salt?
Salt is not only the most important flavor-enhancing seasoning in any given dish, but it also comes in many varieties for every specific need. There's standard granulated salt, flaky kosher salt, Himalayan pink sea salt with an appealing color, and sel gris, a gray-tinted salt harvested from French salt marshes.
Sel gris literally translates to "gray salt" and refers to any salt with a gray color; it may also be called Celtic sea salt. To harvest the salt, clay basins are placed in the Atlantic Ocean to collect natural salt deposits as the water evaporates under the sun, creating a salt that is much richer in minerals than others, giving it a gray tint.
Sel gris can be fine or coarse, and the highest-quality batches are harvested from French coasts like Normandy andIle de Re. Salt Traders says that sel gris has a touch more richness and sophistication to its flavor than other salts, and its stronger, more briny taste suits roasted vegetables, seafood, soups, and stews.
Sel gris also works as a finishing salt on top of cookies or other sweets, and while it's more affordable than other sea salts, it can be harder to find. Your best bet is to seek out a spice retailer, a French cuisine retailer, or look online, and make sure the salt comes from Brittany, France for the most authentic experience.