Tasty vanilla ice scoops in bowl on blue wooden rustic table. Closeup.
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What Sets New England-Style Ice Cream Apart
Brands like Ben & Jerry's have helped make New England-style ice cream popular across the US, but you may not know what makes this ice cream so unique and delicious.
Ice cream from New England typically has a higher milk fat content and lower air density, so the spoonfuls you eat are creamier and more "chewy" compared to other ice creams.
While regular ice cream usually contains about 10% milk fat, New England ice creams climb towards the 18% range, and they're churned slowly so the ice cream is less aerated.
New England ice cream also contains plenty of egg yolks, which makes the dessert denser and helps create a smooth texture. It's less fluffy and more solid, dense, and slow-melting.
The texture of New England-style ice cream elevates flavors, since there's less air to dilute them, and this treat is also sturdy enough to handle tons of toppings and mix-ins.