Steak with Béarnaise sauce made with tarragon
What Sets Foyot Sauce Apart From Classic Béarnaise
While Foyot and Béarnaise are based on similar ingredients, these French sauces have different characteristics that set them apart in terms of flavor and uses in the kitchen.
A variation on Hollandaise, Béarnaise sauce made of a reduction of vinegar, white wine, shallots, and tarragon, emulsified with egg yolks and blended with melted butter.
The result is a creamy and tangy sauce with prominent herbal notes. It's a classic sauce for pouring over meats and vegetables to provide both richness and brightness.
Also known as “Sauce Valois,” Foyot sauce combines Béarnaise with glace de viande, a rich, reduced meat stock. This creates a more complex, meaty, and savory profile.
The more neutral Béarnaise sauce is often poured over steak, poached fish and seafood, grilled chicken, and vegetables like asparagus or artichokes.
Foyot’s deeper, more robust flavor and velvety texture adds extra meatiness to heartier cuts of beef like ribeye or filet mignon, as well as roasted game meats.