Sheet cake with vanilla frosting in pan
What Results If You Double The Butter In Your Sheet Cake?
Whether you're baking for a barbecue or a birthday, sheet cake is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and adding double the butter can make it taste all the better.
The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, discovered this technique after mistaking one cube of butter for a full cup in her mother-in-law's sheet cake recipe, and has yet to look back.
Butter is a commonly used fat that is largely responsible for the baked goods’ moisture levels. The more butter you use, the closer you’ll get to an ultra-soft texture.
Although just one stick of butter will work fine, it doesn’t hurt to use a second. For the sake of a sheet cake, butter is best in melted form and mixed with the other ingredients.
Once you add, or double, the butter, carefully remove the sheet cake from its pan and proceed to frost it. This gives you another opportunity to bring butter to your sheet cake.