Starbucks coffee cup on a table in front of Starbucks shop
What Non-Dairy Starbucks Fans Need To Know About Oatmilk Cold Foam
Starbucks has always been quick to innovate when it comes to beverages. To accommodate customers avoiding dairy, the chain offers a little-known oat milk cold foam.
Oat cold foam has been part of a few Starbucks drinks in the past, and while it's not an official menu option, you can get a near-identical effect by asking for frothed oat milk.
Not only is Starbucks’ oat milk froth a totally dairy-free drink topping, but it's also significantly richer and creamier than other dairy-free frothed milk options.
However, since oat milk is mostly water and lacks the proteins of dairy milk, the foam dissipates much faster. Enjoy your custom drink right away while the froth is still there.