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What Martha Stewart Says To Do When A Dinner Guest Brings Wine
It's common practice to bring a host a small token of gratitude when invited to a dinner or party, and a nice bottle of wine is one of the most popular ways to say "thank you." According to Martha Stewart, there's certain etiquette to follow for hosts and guests regarding what you should do with a gifted bottle of wine.
"If you bring a wine to a party, the host is not obligated to open that wine," Stewart says, but if you’re the host and if your guest has brought "[the wine] for a specific dish that's being prepared for the kitchen," you should open the bottle. However, a guest should have no expectations that a gifted wine will be consumed at dinner.
On the other hand, if you have asked the host about bringing a bottle of wine for all to enjoy with dinner and they’ve agreed, you can expect your wine to be enjoyed by everyone at the party. Otherwise, you should respect your host if they choose to enjoy the wine privately on later occasion, and hosts should feel free to do so.