Grilled portions of salmon and green asparagus with lemon slices and herbs,
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What Makes Trader Joe's Frozen Salmon Stand Out From The Rest
One section of Trader Joe’s that rarely disappoints is their frozen food aisle, and shoppers are eager to rummage through the frigid bins to stock up on their freezer favorites. Wild salmon is one of the most versatile staples to have on hand in the freezer, but you may not know that Trader Joe's version is a cut above the rest.
When handled properly, fish is immediately flash-frozen once out of the water, which means its nutrients and moisture are retained with no effect on the texture when it defrosts and cooks. Trader Joe’s follows this practice, known as "once-frozen" in the fish world, which ensures their fish keeps all its nutritional and flavor intact.
According to Catherine Rhodes, TJ's product developer, "They catch the fish, they freeze the fish, that's it. There's no freezing it and mass slacking it off into portions and refreezing it, which you can find elsewhere." When fish is defrosted and refrozen, as many other companies handle it, its texture and nutrients are negatively affected.