Classic margarita cocktail with salty rim. Isolated on white background
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What Makes The Tommy's Margarita Stand Out From The Rest?
The undeniably popular margarita is one of those drinks that is a perfect classic, but is also open to delicious variations. While the lime juice and tequila in this cocktail are often swapped out or changed around, the variation known as the Tommy’s Margarita tinkers with an oft-neglected part of this drink: the sweetener.
Instead of the triple sec that typically provides the sweetness in a margarita, Tommy's Margarita, created by Julio Bermejo of Tommy's Mexican Restaurant, uses agave nectar. Not only does agave nectar pair well with the agave in the tequila, but it also provides a great honeyed flavor and a smoother sip due to its lack of alcohol.
Bermejo created the Tommy's Margarita to emphasize local flavors, thus swapping out the imported triple sec for local agave. The natural sweetener balances the margarita’s acidic lime notes, not to mention it's more affordable than triple sec, so shaking up a Tommy’s will do good for both your taste buds and your wallet.