Sloppy Joe Sandwich on a plate with Potato Chips and a Pickle.
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What Makes The New Jersey Sloppy Joe Different From The Standard?
If you grew up in America, you're probably familiar with the Sloppy Joe, which is easy to make, cheap, and makes for a filling meal. The term Sloppy Joe is almost synonymous with a soft bun filled with a seasoned, saucy ground meat mixture, which makes the sandwich pretty much the same everywhere — unless you're in New Jersey.
New Jersey Sloppy Joe sandwiches use sliced bread instead of a bun, and are often served with a third piece of bread in the middle, much like a club sandwich. They're also served cold instead of warm, use two types of cold cuts of your choosing instead of ground meat, and may even include salads like egg and tuna.
You can choose meats from roast beef and turkey to more unusual choices like beef tongue, but Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing are a must. The sandwich is also cut in unique ways: the famous Town Hall Deli makes the sandwich partially crust-free and cut into quarters, while Millburn Deli cuts it diagonally into thirds.