the rest of the coffee brewing using a manual tool for brewing kalita wave
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What Makes The Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer Unique?
Part of pour-over coffee's beauty is accessibility — purchase a simple device and your favorite beans, and the sky's the limit for extracting flavor. However, the brewing process can be difficult, so experienced baristas and newcomers can turn to the Kalita Wave, as it's regarded as the most forgiving pour-over method.
The Kalita's wave-like filters create interspersed contact with the vessel on the sides and prevent the paper filters from touching the bottom of the funnel. According to Kalita, such a design prevents the accumulation of water and promotes even and steady extraction no matter how the water is poured.
The Kalita also has three holes instead of singular drainage, which circulates water flow through a wider area of coffee grounds without flooding in one spot. This enables a more relaxed pouring technique, making it less about placement and more about adding water steadily and slowly.