Homemade Detroit style chili dog on a rustic wooden board on a black surface, top view. Close-up.
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What Makes The Detroit Coney Hot Dog So Unique?
The “Coney” dog might have originated from New York’s Coney Island, but the Detroit variants are unique innovations that combine traditional Greek flavors with the original hot dog. The Greek and Macedonian immigrants likely spread the dish after arriving on Ellis Island and sampling it.
What makes the Detroit Coney hot dog special is the addition of beef chili (inspired by saltsa kima), chopped raw onions, and a drizzle of yellow mustard on top of the frankfurter. Saltsa kima is a meaty sauce with sweet and savory ingredients that range from red wine to cinnamon.
There are two big names when it comes to Detroit Coney hot dogs: Lafayette and American. Founded by two competing Greek brothers, William "Bill" Keros and Constantine "Gust" Keros, Lafayette is based on the Keros family recipe and offers more of the classic beefiness, while American is made at Detroit Chili Company and adds a little more spice.