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What Makes The Beans From Stumptown Coffee Roasters Special?
Stumptown Coffee Roasters first debuted in 1999 with a brick-and-mortar café in Portland, Oregon, making them a relatively new company. Yet in 2022, Tasting Table ranked Stumptown as our number-one "Best Coffee Brand," topping brands that have been around for a century or longer, and here's what makes them special.
According to Shauna Alexander, Stumptown's Vice President of Coffee and Sustainability, Stumptown roasters travel the world to visit producers and scout sources for its beans. Roughly six months of Stumptown's business year is spent meeting with producers in countries on the other side of the world to create its special coffee.
By maintaining lasting relationships with small-scale, often family-operated growers, Stumptown can sell a consistent product. Stumptown favors tropical regions with high elevations, cool nights, warm days, and predictable precipitation patterns, and soil composition and microclimates are also taken into account.
Stumptown currently works with growers in Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and more, but only operates stores in Portland, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles, and one store in Kyoto, Japan. Their coffee is also available via their own website and Amazon.