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What Makes Syracuse Salt Potatoes Unique
Syracuse, a city in upstate New York, is home to Syracuse salt potatoes, a cultural and culinary mainstay in the area. These boiled potatoes have super creamy insides and a deliciously salty crust, and were first made using salt springs on the south side of Onondaga Lake, which helped build Syracuse's status as a salt-producing city.
This dish originated in the 19th century, when Irish workers at Syracuse's salt springs brought potatoes for lunch and boiled them in the rolling brine used to harvest salt from the water. The dish was born out of convenience, but today, they're simply a delicious snack, and you will need a ton of salt to prepare this staple from the "Salt City."
To make salt potatoes at home, boil a pot of water and add at least a cup of salt before dropping in your potatoes, then leave them to cook for 20 minutes. Drain the potatoes, but cover them so they stay hot, which is vital to forming the characteristic salty, crunchy crust on the exterior, then drizzle with butter before serving.