Flatbread wrap with instant mash potatoes, grilled hot dog and salad. Swedish fast food.
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What Makes Swedish-Style Hot Dogs Unique?
From Mexico’s Sonoran-style hot dogs to Korean corn dogs, hot dogs are popular the world over, but one hot dog in particular continuously gets looked over: the Swedish-style hot dog. Considering the late Anthony Bourdain once called this street food "the finest and best thing I've ever had in my life,” Swedish-style hot dogs, or tunnbrödsrulle, deserve to be on your radar
Swedish-style hot dogs consist of a thin flatbread stuffed with mashed potatoes and one or two hot dogs before being topped with shrimp salad, ketchup, Swedish mustard, mayonnaise, salad greens, and crispy onions. Diners can opt out of any topping, replace the hot dogs with hamburger meat or reindeer stew, or choose different toppings like cheese, slaw, and peppers.
Since tunnbrödsrulle hasn't quite made its way to the United States en masse, you might have to make do with a homemade version. In place of flatbread, a flour tortilla or naan will work while sweet Swedish mustard can be swapped out for honey mustard, otherwise, you can head to IKEA for Swedish staples like fried onions and sweet mustard.