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What Makes South Korea's Luxurious Baskin-Robbins Brown Unique
Ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins has melted the hearts of many ice cream lovers worldwide, especially Koreans. One Seoul location is entirely operated by contactless services where you can walk in, grab your favorite ice cream, pay for it, and head home, but there is one other location that is quite unique and luxurious.
Baskin-Robbins Brown is one of over 2,000 ice cream and donut stores launched by SPC Group, a Korean food corporation, and design team Pentagram to attract busy professional customers to the store. The name "Brown" is thought to conjure ideas of chocolate and coffee, with the first two letters an acronym of Baskin-Robbins, explains Pentagram.
Situated in Seoul's Cheongdam-dong, Baskin-Robbins Brown sells 100 ice creams and an assortment of ice cream desserts, with unique flavors, like Sweet Potato Cheese, Green Tea Cookie, and Ssal Tteok — made with traditional rice cake. The store also serves ice cream fondue platters, organic ice cream, and a new special flavor each month.