Norwegian brunost traditional brown cheese
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What Makes Scandinavian Brown Cheese Unique
There are nearly 2,000 different kinds of cheese in the world, and sampling unique variations will take you far beyond cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan. Scandinavian brown cheese is one exceptional variety that is nearly impossible to find outside of Europe, but for cheese lovers, a trip may be worth it just to get a taste.
Brown cheese (brunost) can be made with goat's or cow's milk, plus a mix of reduced whey and cream, and while the cheese isn't aged, it is "cooked." The dairy mixture for this cheese is simmered for hours so its sugars caramelize and the whey browns; the thick, tan-colored mixture is then poured into molds and hardened.
The final cheese is smooth and tastes sweet and caramelly, and can have tangy or nutty notes depending on the milk used. Life in Norway says that two common varieties of brunost are Gudbrandsdalsost (made from cow's and goat's milk) and Fløtemysost (cow's milk), both of which pair well with crackers, bread, and even waffles.