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What Makes Restaurant Burgers Taste Different From Homemade Burgers?
A burger seems like a simple item to master for the home cook, but because grinding the meat changes the way it cooks, mastering the humble burger is actually not that simple. Also, the majority of beef that is used in most households comes from companies that use factory farming methods that lead to dull and flavorless burgers.
To make your burgers taste like restaurant burgers you'll want to look for the right blend and texture. The Meat Hook's Tom Mylan says the key is paying more attention to the fat content rather than expensive meat cuts and recommends resisting the urge to slap the patties when forming because it overworks the meat, which dries out the burger.
You should start your home burgers at high heat to get that all-important sear, then move to a lower heat to cook through. The right kitchen tools can also elevate your homemade burger game to restaurant-level and one item that provides the best cooking surface and consistent temperature is the flat top griddle.