Famous Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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What Makes Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. Sandwich A Must-Try?
The Sandwich
In a world full of sandwiches, what sets the Primanti Bros. sandwich apart is the simple yet genius addition of fries. The famous sandwich consists of two slices of fresh Italian bread, homemade sweet and tangy coleslaw, tomato slices, freshly cooked French fries, a meat of choice, and melted provolone cheese.
How It All Started
In 1933, Joe Primanti opened a sandwich cart catering to passing truck drivers and local blue-collar workers. One night a truck driver was concerned his potatoes had frozen and when he asked Primanti to see if they were still usable, Primanti served the potatoes as fries in a sandwich which quickly gained popularity.
How It’s Served
There are now 40 Primanti Bros. locations across six states where diners can choose between a hamburger patty, salami, capicola, ham, roast beef, tuna, fried baloney, kielbasa, and more for their meat of choice. The messy sandwich is then served on a piece of butcher paper which catches the toppings that inevitably fall out.