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What Makes Nancy Silverton's Michelin-Approved Caesar Salad So Unique?
Chef Nancy Silverton is well-known for her television appearances, eight cookbooks, and her many restaurants. She’s also known for her love of Italian food, often straying from tradition and putting her own twist on classics, one of which is her unique Caesar salad served at her Michelin-starred eatery Osteria Mozza.
Silverton’s dish is essentially a deconstructed version of Caesar salad, which starts with a hearty slice of crostini that's topped with garlic aioli, braised leeks, slices of hard-boiled eggs, and anchovies, in that order. This is then plated alongside a small romaine lettuce salad that's dressed in a garlic-parmesan vinaigrette.
While this deconstructed dish may seem simple, using fresh and quality ingredients with the right techniques is all the more important. To eat this dish, Silverton encourages a hands-only approach as you alternate between the crostini and the lettuce, which is definitely a fresh and different fork-less way of eating a salad.