Close up of salt being sprinkled in a wooden spoon on black background.
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What Makes Momofuku's Savory Salt So Delicious?
In 2004, David Chang opened Momofuku, a humble noodle bar in New York's East Village, and the restaurant and its many spin-offs have found wild success partly due to Chang’s obsessive, forensic commitment to flavor. One result of this pursuit is his unique collection of three specialty seasoning salts to add a wallop of flavor to any dish.
Momofuku’s natural flavor-enhancing salt trio includes Spicy Seasoned Salt, Tingly Seasoned Salt, and Savory Seasoned Salt. The latter seasoning contains kosher salt, pepper, garlic, onion, kelp, mushroom powder, and tamari, which gives your food a concentrated umami punch, and Chang knows just how to use this seasoning.
Chang explains that when a dish is perfectly seasoned, it simultaneously feels like it has too much and too little salt, as if it's teetering on a tightrope. He calls this the "saltiness paradox" and set about replicating the effect in his seasonings, resulting in Momofuku’s delicious salts that you can experiment with to land your own balance.