top view of a pot of minestrone soup
What Makes Minestrone Distinct From Vegetable Soup?
Unless you're a soup aficionado, you're probably wondering what the difference is between minestrone soup and vegetable soup, since the two share many similarities.
Italian minestrone falls under the broader category of vegetable soup. In other words, minestrone soups are vegetable soups, but not all vegetable soups are minestrone soups.
Minestrone is unique because it includes beans, pasta, or rice in addition to vegetables, and the ingredients are always cut into chunks (not blended) for extra heartiness.
Vegetable soups are usually simpler, don't typically include beans or pasta, and can have any texture from chunky to smooth. They also usually don't contain meat.
Meat such as beef or chicken is occasionally included in minestrone recipes. Celery, carrots, onions, and tomatoes usually form the flavor backbone of this soup.
However, minestrone doesn't need to include any specific veggies, though it does need a starch like beans or pasta. Its name translates to "big soup,” showing its versatility.