Homemade Detroit Style Chili Dog with Mustard and Onion
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What Makes Michigan Hot Dogs Unique?
The U.S. is home to many creative hot dog variations, from a classic steamed ballpark-style dog smothered in ketchup to the chili Coney Island dog and veggie-laden Chicago dog. A lesser-known but delicious variation is the Michigan hot dog, which is actually native to Plattsburgh, New York, rather than any city in Michigan.
There’s a lot of speculation around the Michigan dog's name, but a popular theory is that the hot dog's sauce was brought to Plattsburgh by a Detroit woman. The Town of Plattsburgh website defines the dog as "a natural casing hot dog in a split top bun, topped with a specially seasoned meat sauce, served with optional mustard and onions".
The split top bun is a good way to spot an authentic Michigan hot dog, and it's great at holding all the toppings. The frank used also must be Tobin's or Glazier "red skin" dog, defined by its bright red casing, and the meat sauce may have a slight Greek flavor with cumin or cinnamon and a thick texture, though not as thick as chili.
Michigans either come "with" or "without," specifying whether or not you want onions, and you can also ask for the hot dog to be "buried," so the toppings will be layered underneath the meat sauce. Part of what makes Michigans unique are the seasonal roadside stands that serve them, the most famous possibly being Clare & Carl's.