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What Makes Mexican-Style Hot Sauce Unique?
Mexican-style hot sauce, also known as salsa picante, is a smooth, thin variety of hot sauce that uses a blend of pepper types, typically habanero, chipotle, pequin, and jalapeño. The country's most popular hot sauce brands include Cholula, Valentina, and Tapatío, all of which are quite different from other hot sauces around the globe.
Mexican-style hot sauce is arguably most similar to Louisiana-style, but the acidity levels are different, with Louisiana-style packing an acidic punch while most salsa picante contains just a little vinegar. Mexican-style sauces are not fermented, unlike sriracha or Tabasco, and have a very strong chile flavor instead of a lot of tang.
Salsa picante is easier to make at home due to the lack of fermentation; Allrecipes' copy-cat Cholula recipe combines pequin and arbol peppers, spices, vinegar, water, and xanthan gum. This hot sauce is commonly found alongside tacos and quesadillas, but makes a great condiment for grilled cheeses, pizza, and even meatloaf.