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What Makes Mexican Oregano Different From The Common Variety?
If you're making a Mediterranean or Italian dish, the recipe might call for plain old oregano, but when making an enchilada casserole or chicken tortilla soup, you might need Mexican oregano. While "standard" oregano and Mexican oregano may share a name, these two herbs actually come from entirely different plants.
Mexican oregano comes from the verbena plant family, while Mediterranean oregano comes from the origanum family. Oregano has some bitter, peppery notes and a very specific aroma you might have smelled on pizza or pasta, while Mexican oregano is described as having brighter, citrusy notes that are more floral.
Both herbs also have health benefits, as oregano is rich in antioxidants while Mexican oregano contains naringenin, which is thought to help prevent heart disease and cancer. These herbs can't really be swapped for each other due to their difference in flavor, and marjoram or verbena make better substitutes for Mexican oregano.