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What Makes Kansas City-Style Hot Dogs Unique?
The U.S. is a country proud of its hot dogs; from New York’s boiled variation with sauerkraut or onions, to Chicago’s vegetable-filled take. However, one region you can’t miss out on is Kansas City, where you can choose between two well known versions: sauerkraut and Swiss cheese or a burnt and smoky brisket.
Kansas City’s great barbecue legacy dates back to the town’s foundations as a massive destination for cattle driving and farming stockyards. From this, it’s clear that burnt ends and barbecue sauce are a natural favorite and viewed by many as the true form, as the results of local station KCUR's polling will tell you.
The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council also lists a Reuben dog, topped with Swiss, sauerkraut, and thousand Island dressing as another famous favorite. Why? Because this particular type of hot dog was sold at Kauffman Stadium for the famous Kansas City Royals, and from there the rest is history.