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What Makes Kansas City Barbecue Sauce Sweetly Unique
No two barbecue styles are the same, and fans of the four major regional styles of American barbecue — Texas; Memphis, Tennessee; the Carolinas; and Kansas City, Missouri — are very loyal to their preference. However, Kansas City-style barbecue sauce is the most familiar sauce to most Americans, and this is what makes it unique.
Kansas City barbecue sauce is made from a tomato base such as ketchup; molasses and brown sugar for sweetness; plus onion, garlic, and spices. The uniquely sweet and sticky sauce cooks down until it is rich, thick, and suitable for finger-licking, perfect for accompanying the city's distinct style of dry-rubbed meat and fish.
Meanwhile, the Carolinas are home to three distinct types of barbecue sauces: Tangy and mustard-based; vinegar and little else; and a vinegar-heavy sauce that includes ketchup. The sauce in Memphis is much more tart and thin than its Kansas City counterpart, whereas Texas barbecue typically does not use sauce at all.