pan bagnat- sandwich with vegetable,  egg,  tuna and sauce
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What Makes Joe & The Juice's Popular Tuna Sandwich Unique
Canned tuna is shelf-stable, nutritious, and makes for an almost-instant meal when stuffed into a sandwich. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with a classic cold tuna sandwich in your lunchbox, health-conscious sandwich chain Joe & the Juice offers its own spin on the tuna melt that has a dedicated cult following.
The shop's popular Tunacado sandwich consists of Joe's classic bread, vegan pesto, tomatoes, tuna, and avocado. The "classic bread" in question is remarkably thin, with an almost English-muffin-like interior, which sets the sandwich apart from other tuna melts that use slices that are at least an inch thick.
The Tunacado spiked in popularity on TikTok after user dzaslavsky posted several videos of herself enjoying the sandwich, but the chain has offered the item since the 2000s. American customers can find Joe & The Juice locations in cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles.