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What Makes Indonesia’s Avocado Juice Drink Jus Alpukat So Unique
Avocados are creamy, buttery, and versatile enough to play a part in both sweet and savory recipes. Indonesian cuisine takes advantage of this versatility and pairs avocado with some unexpected ingredients to create a sweet, caffeinated drink, known as jus alpukat, meaning avocado juice.
Jus alpukat has a sweet flavor and a uniquely creamy consistency that is more akin to a shake than a juice. The recipe combines avocados with whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, coffee, and a bit of salt, plus an optional chocolate drizzle; the drink can also be customized in other ways as well.
You can add more milk to jus alpukat for a thinner texture, or make it with decaf coffee or no coffee at all for a caffeine-free option. Jus alpukat can be found in Indonesia everywhere from fancy restaurants to street vendors, and is commonly served alongside savory entrees as a sweet counterpoint.