Whole Foods offers a wide variety of melons, including, clockwise from bottom, organic cantaloupe, honeydew, orange flesh honeydew, and sharlyn. (Photo by Marty Caivano/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images)
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What Makes Honeydew Different From Cantaloupe?
Both honeydew and cantaloupe are members of the muskmelon family, were originally grown in the Middle East, and have sweet, versatile flavors. However, as you prepare the fruits, you will notice the most significant differences between the melons are in color and taste.
Cantaloupe can’t maintain a firm texture or taste as sweet as honeydew, but it contains slightly more quantities of Vitamin A and C. Another difference is in their external appearances, as the cantaloupe has darker and more textured skin than the honeydew.
Perhaps the most noticeable difference is color, as honeydew is typically green and cantaloupe is light orange. However, there are orange honeydew melons that maintain the same exterior as their green iterations, but they taste and appear closer to cantaloupes, blurring the lines even further.