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What Makes Frozen Hash Browns The Best Base For Potato Soup
Potato soup is the perfect way to use up leftover potatoes and make a quick meal that feeds a crowd. While the ingredients are usually pretty simple and include potatoes, cream or milk, butter, seasoning, and perhaps a few extras, it does take time to peel, dice, and cook mall those potatoes — which is why you should try this shortcut.
Frozen hash browns make a great fresh potato substitute if you’re someone who’s always on the go and can’t make everything from scratch. Besides being far more convenient, there's very little difference between frozen hash browns and freshly-cut potatoes, and all you have to do is keep weight in mind to create the perfect swap.
Figure out how many cups of diced potatoes are required in your soup recipe by weight, then measure out your frozen hash browns at an equal weight. You can then proceed with the recipe as you normally would, and the hash browns will cook up quickly, and they also puree very easily if you enjoy a silky-smooth potato soup.