A plate of huevos divorciados with refried beans separating the fried eggs and salsa.
What Makes Eggs 'Divorced' In The Well-Known Mexican Breakfast Dish
Huevos divorciados, or "divorced eggs," may sound like the saddest item you can get at a Mexican restaurant. However, the flavor of this dish is more likely to make you happy.
Huevos divorciados are a Mexican breakfast dish that uses two fried eggs and a long list of other ingredients for a bold flavor. It has roots that go back to the 16th century.
"Divorced eggs" are similar to huevos rancheros, but in huevos divorciados, every element is separated (or "divorced") rather than cooked and served together.
Salsa verde, with flavors of cilantro, green chile, and tomatillo, is one salsa used in huevos divorciados, and salsa roja, with a spicy, smoky tomato flavor, is the other.
Salsa verde is poured over one egg and salsa roja over another. When ready to serve, the eggs are further separated by a line of other ingredients down the middle of the plate.
This "barrier" may be made of refried beans, avocado and red onions, tortilla chips, and/or breakfast potatoes. Tortillas are also served underneath the eggs or on the side.
Huevos divorciados take way more time to make than huevos rancheros, but since the ingredients aren't mixed together, you can fully taste and savor every aspect of the dish.