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What Makes Dutch Tiger Bread Unique?
While it's sold in the United States as "Dutch crunch," tiger bread is called tijgerbrood or tijgerbol in its native Netherlands, where this special baked good has been produced since the 1970s. This bread's complex-looking exterior is actually fairly easy to create, and the unique texture of the crust is a great return for little effort.
Traditionally made using white flour, tiger bread has a soft, chewy core with a satisfyingly crisp and crackling crust. Baking Sense describes these textured rolls as perfectly crunchy and easy to make from scratch, and tiger break's versatility means it can be sliced for sandwich bread. formed into breakfast rolls, and more.
Merry Boosters explains that the bread's special exterior is created by rice flour, which is spread onto the bread dough once it's half-proofed. In the oven, the gluten-free coating cracks, forming a wild animal-like pattern on the crust, though some would argue that the texture looks more like a giraffe's spots than a tiger's stripes.