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What Makes Cabrito A Truly Unique Type Of Meat
Almost every region in the United States has a staple meat dish that they enjoy preparing and consuming — from scrapple in the Mid-Atlantic to goetta in Ohio. In Texas, however, the Latin American meat dish cabrito has taken over the southwestern part of the Lone Star state.
Per Delighted Cooking, cabrito is a dish made from a young goat, although the word is occasionally used more broadly to denote any meal featuring a young goat, including stewed and grilled dishes. The meat has often been dismissed as gamey, although once newcomers know what to expect, it can be quite a delightful indulgence.
While the dish has become more well-known, places that serve cabrito are still limited. However, restaurants that do serve the meat often feature it in different ways and it can come in anything from fajitas, as it's done at Javier's in Dallas, or simply roasted on metal spits, as it's prepared at Houston's El Hidalguense.