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What Makes Buffalo Trace's Eagle Rare Bourbon So Pricey
Buffalo Trace’s Eagle Rare Bourbon costs $10,000 a bottle, but customers gladly pay up thanks to its long aging time, limited-quantity releases, and exceptional reputation.
Eagle Rare bourbon is aged for 20 years and released in limited quantities, packaged in bottles of crystal and silver that are branded with a letter to indicate authenticity.
Besides the long aging times and limited releases, the cost of Buffalo Trace is driven by consumer hype and rave reviews from online bourbon-loving communities.
The brand’s secret mash recipe ages in alligator-style oak barrels for at least a decade. Then, the batches are sampled and carefully chosen according to taste and aroma.
If you’d like to taste some well-aged Buffalo Trace for yourself, but can’t afford a $10,000 bottle, opt for their more affordable $40 10-Year label instead.