Two sizes of asian-style carryout containers and a pair of chopstick shot on white
What Makes British And American Chinese Takeout Different
There are many differences between British and American Chinese takeout, as well as the food that is eaten in China. It’s all due to innovations made by Chinese immigrants.
In both Britain and America, Chinese immigrants were forced to adapt to fit regional tastes, which resulted in many unique dishes combining Chinese cuisine with regional cuisine.
Salt and pepper chips feature British chips tossed with Chinese five-spice seasoning and sauteed vegetables. Chips doused in "Chinese curry" are also popular.
Chinese restaurants in America were originally slandered as "unhygienic" and often struggled to stay open amid the hostility, but Chinese-American cuisine adapted over time.
Chop suey was one of the first dishes to go mainstream in America. More "Americanized" dishes were developed for customers eager for something different, but not too different.
While the Chinese takeout in Britain and America may not be “authentic” Chinese food, it represents the struggles and experiences of many immigrants.