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What Makes Amish Butter Unique
By Wendy Leigh
Amish communities are known for their high-quality, hand-made products and one of the popular products being their butter, which stands out from other types of butter. However, there is a misconception that all Amish butter is made without the use of modern machinery which isn’t always the case.
So what makes Amish butter so different from European or American butter? The answer is multi-layered, ranging from texture and flavor to how and where it's made. One of the big distinguishing factors being that Amish butter contains 84% of butterfat which is higher than other types of butter.
This higher percentage of butterfat gives it an ultra-creamy, rich texture which is a favorite feature of the butter for most customers. The butter also contains a distinct touch of tanginess, as well as a milky quality that helps differentiate the taste from other types of butter.
Another big difference between the types of butter is the way that it is packaged because typically Amish butter is packaged in one to two pound logs that are wrapped in parchment rather than being cut into sticks. Lastly, another distinguishing feature is the manufacturing process where these companies even hire Amish employees to ensure that the standards are being kept.