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What Makes A Gibson Different From A Typical Martini
From espresso martinis to dirty martinis to the seasonal peppermint martini, one beverage has reigned supreme over recent drink trends. The classic martini has a ton of different spins, including the Gibson, and to make a perfect Gibson, you have to know how to make a perfect dry martini.
One of the most important ingredients in a classic dry martini is gin, specifically five parts gin to one part dry vermouth. After the two liquors are mixed, a drop or two of orange bitters are added, and the drink is shaken or stirred until ice cold and served with a lemon twist.
If a dry martini sounds easy, a Gibson is even easier. A Gibson starts with the same five-to-one ratio of gin to dry vermouth, but it lacks the orange bitters and lemon garnish. Instead, Gibsons are shaken or stirred until cold and then served with cocktail onions.