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What Makes A Bee House Coffee Brewer Unique?
There are many ways to make coffee at home, but the classic "drip" method using a basic coffee maker is the most popular in America, according to Coffee Affection. Melitta, V60, and Chemex are a few popular manufacturers of coffee machines, but the brand Bee House offers a coffee maker that is far different from the rest.
The Bee House coffee dripper is a Japanese-made ceramic device with a slim handle for ease of use, ribs on the interior, and two drain holes at the bottom. The flat base can adhere to your coffee mug so that the coffee drips right in; plus, the dripper has two openings on either side for better air circulation and is available in two sizes.
What is unique about The Bee House brewer is that it does not require a special pouring technique or a particular type of kettle for best results, though a medium grind of coffee is recommended. Though not as quick as a drip machine, the Bee House will give you an easy pour over experience and a great cup of coffee in the end.