Starbucks barista holding drink cup
What It Takes To Obtain A Starbucks Mortarboard Embroidered Apron
Though they all have the same green color, the aprons worn by Starbucks baristas often display special designs or emblems that celebrate employee achievements.
One example is the "embroidered mortarboard" apron, which bears a small graduation cap, showing that the employee has obtained a college degree with company backing.
Starbucks supports employees’ higher-education dreams through the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, which covers 100% of tuition fees for participants.
Inaugurated in 2014, the program empowers those who display exceptional drive and passion. "Starbucks gave me a second chance to try and get to my goals," one graduate said.
Those joining the program can subsidize the cost of their chosen degree from Arizona State University. So far, over 6,500 employees have participated.
Employees who are veterans can even invite a family member to participate. Best of all, participants graduate without the strain of carrying costly student-loan debt.
Next time you order a Starbucks latte and spot a mortarboard on the barista’s apron, be sure to ask them about their chosen field of study.