Whiskey bottle and glass with oak barrel
What It Means When Whiskey Is Triple Distilled
Triple distillation, the process of distilling whiskey three times, creates flavors that some consider to be superior. Understanding it requires knowledge of how whiskey is made.
To make the spirit, a grain — usually barley — is soaked in water, heated, mashed, and fermented. Liquid is distilled from this process, then left to mature in barrels.
The distillation step purifies the whiskey and concentrates its flavors, as well as its alcohol content. Distillation can also be repeated to round out the spirit's tasting notes.
Distillation removes sharp, noxious, and unpleasant odors and flavors from the end product, making for a milder and smoother drink overall, but the process takes time.
This is why triple distilled whiskey is both sought-after and expensive. It can be worth it for drinkers who want a whiskey that is easy to sip neat and has widespread appeal.
However, triple distilled whiskey may not impress those who like a lot of character in their liquor, as the process mellows a lot of the bite and individual quirks in the spirit.
It's better to invest in triple-distilled whiskey if you plan on drinking it straight, or in cocktails where the flavor of the whiskey will mostly stand on its own.